my kids are getting so big!!!!!!!!!

So we have decided to replace the facial boards on the roof this year, some of them look like they are rotting. We went last night to Lowes and Home Depot. You know how they have those carts that look like cars, well Juleen was determined to sit in one, so I strapped her in with Davin and they did so well, she sat up the entire time, he helped her learn to turn her steering wheel, cute.

Get to the next store again in the basket they go. This time Juleen gets mad because Davin wont let her have both wheels, literally had a tantrum because he told her she could only have her wheel. Never occurred to me that she would do that, She is only 5 months. Cute again, the only thing that would have made this story even more cute would be a pic of the two of them, mommy didnt have sense enough for that.

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