Something slightly new

SO I got this custom order the other day and this is the finished product, I am totally in love with it and more than likely will be making more of these just for a change in pace, I am in love with this idea. totally!!!

Alright this first photo is of a crayon wallet with a chalk board in it, so you can color, take notes or play with chalk. Kind of a three in one.

This is of the tote I made to match it. The inside has two pockets, a big one and a little one.

And this is the outside of the tote, the little kid likes dinos so here is her dino, the other side of the tote is the same just opposite prints. Who cant love this!!

Now to not let my 5 year old see it, he will want to keep it for himself even though there are pink in it and flowers. LOL.

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