11 more weeks....

Till this baby pops. Ohh I am getting sooo excited and thrilled but at the same time nervous.
At this point when I was preggers with Davin I had most of the house set up for him and all his baby stuff together.
This one I am not prepared at all yet. I mean I have some clothing and some diapers and a few items, but the majority of what I need is still at the store. Didnt help that this one wasnt planned and completely unexpected, but I still havent found out what it is. Doctors where supposed to do it earlier this month but now I have to wait 11 more days till I find out the gender and then it will be a mad rush to buy what baby needs before he/she arrives.
I just feel like everything is not going as it should and I am in this whirlwind of chaos. Ohh well such is life and life happens right. Cant fight just got to go with it.

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Shay said...

YAY! Your getting close, im excited for you! I cant wait for another!