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I thought I would start doing featured artist one for each week, thought it would be fun to help my fellow artist get out there and been seen by the world, I know I am a small time blog but one day you will all want to be me, LOL. Ok so this weeks featured artist is ....

Her Bio:My name is Mallory Thomas, I'm twenty three years old and I'm a jewelry maker and vintage seller. I've always been crafting in some form or another. I started out doing holiday craft projects with my mom and aunt, and then grew into making personalized gifts for my pen pals. I made postcards and stationery and then moved into painting. I started making jewelry because I couldn't find the things that I liked in stores, and I felt like I could gain some satisfaction from making similar pieces myself.
About a year ago, I decided to sell the jewelry that I make because I wanted to own my own business. I have a lot of tattoos and piercings and I was dissatisfied with the fact that I would have to take out my piercings and cover my tattoos to have a so called, "real job". I didn't want to have to compromise my standards to work for someone to do something I didn't really want to do anyway.
My hope for my store is to be able to live off of what I make and sell. I want to be able to bring people cool, unique pieces for reasonable prices while still offering things that are built to last.
Here are a few of her items that I truly enjoy. Beautiful workman ship.

Cream Colored Rose Earrings Pair
These are handmade post earrings. Each piece differs slightly because each flower is handmade. The posts are stainless steel and the flowers are made of vintage celluloid.

Black Celluloid Rose Post Earrings

Black Crown Earrings

Celluloid Rose Star Ring

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