How it all came to be

This is the story of how I became who I am today. How I learned how to sew. I started sewing the year I turned seven, for christmas I got a small singer sewing machine. One that looked very much like this one but with less bells and whistles. Ohh and mine was white and green.
So anyhow, I got this machine for christmas and was excited and wanted to learn how to use it. My mother was going the chemo treatment for Hodgkins stage three cancer. So she couldnt teach me, I was upset by this but understood. One day she comes to my room and hands me a basket of fabric and tells me my Barbie dolls looked like they could use some new clothes. So I sat there for a while trying to figure out how to start this. After awhile I just traced the dolls on the fabric, cut it out and tried sewing. Well after about of an hour of anguish with the fabric because it kept bunching and the thread because it kept knotting in the bobbin case, I finially did it. I finished a shirt for my dolls. I remember it being absolutely ugly. I was proud and showed my mother, all she said was good job now go make more. upset and mad that she wasnt as happy as I, I went back to my room and made about five more, and realized why she did this. the last one was the best because I then knew what I was doing. So anyhow, after that I didnt need fancy doll clothes from the store, I just made them. I got so into this that by the time I was 8 I was making clothes for my brother's ninja turtles, those shells were rather bothersome. I loved sewing so much that I only stopped when I was a teenager, to busy being cool I guess. Anyhow when I was pregnant with my son I picked it up again and havent stopped. Here are some photos of a few things I made this week.

These two are vintage styled dresses custom fitted and made of Amy Butler fabric.

This one is my version of a wa lolita. It is in black and two shades of red.

I love sewing and think I will never truly get bored with it and if I do I think I would go insane. I get a lot of my inspiration of sewing from my three year old, trying to make things that he likes, and things that will be fun for him.

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